Many of Fushu Daiko’s performing members did not have a musical background before attending their first taiko class! Adult classes are offered weekly at the South Florida Taiko Dojo in Davie. Our two-hour beginner Sunday class is a great place to begin before advancing to Thursday beginner/intermediate class. 

Just like any musical instrument or martial art, practicing taiko requires commitment, dedication and regular class participation. Even if you don’t feel you have rhythm with time you can learn. We all have a heartbeat and spirit, which are at the foundations of a taiko practice.

Playing taiko has many mental, physical, and social health benefits, from a great cardio workout to becoming immersed in the joy of playing a beautiful instrument with a group of taiko practitioners

Click here! to register for a free :30 minute introductory class at our dojo, before becoming a dojo member.

Group practice taiko drumming
Taiko rehearsal at the South Florida Taiko Dojo
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