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What is the value of a live taiko performance at your event?

Live taiko drumming brings significance and importance to any event. The presence of the beautiful and primitive taiko drums and the uniformed drummers lends power and culture to any event or ritual. The powerful movements, sounds, and vibrations of our taiko performance excites and arouses visceral responses in the audience.

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Taiko Performances Excite your crowd, Demonstrate traditional Japanese drumming, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Multiple performances throughout the day.

Fushu Daiko has been a crowd favorite at many festivals throughout the years. Hatsume Fair, Asian Cultural Festival, Asia Fest, Lantern Festival, Oshogatsu, and more

Corporate Events

Live taiko adds significance to auspicious events and award ceremonies. Group performances are an engaging and dramatic way to excite your group and focus their attention. Our performance can be woven into presentations and media productions.

Taiko drummers can collaborate with your other live artists and performers to create synergy. VIP guests can be put in traditional garb and shown how to hit the taiko on stage in front of their audience.

A Fushu Daiko performance is always a great session opener or closer. We have performed for great companies like Sony, American Express, L’Oreal, FPL, Boar’s Head, and more!


Live taiko drumming can add power, excitement, ritual, Japanese culture, and drama to weddings.
Taiko drumming can greet your guests as they arrive. Taiko drumming, conch shell blasts, and gongs can herald the arrival of the new couple.

Taiko drumming, Koto (Japanese harp), and Fue (Japanese flute) can be incorporated into the ceremony as processional music.

Live taiko drumming can entertain your guests during cocktail hour or dinner. Taiko drummers can collaborate with DJ’s and bands to create exciting cross-culture synergy!

Fushu Daiko has performed at countless weddings over the years and has been featured on “Four Weddings” TV program on TLC in 2013.


Private Parties

Fushu Daiko performances at private parties are an intimate way for your audience to see taiko drumming up close. Multiple short performance sets spaced throughout the event will demonstrate a variety of styles and moods.

Fushu Daiko has often been featured entertainment for the Consul General of Japan in Miami at his private gatherings.

School Edu-Tainment

Entertainment and education brought together in an engaging high energy performance. We teach the students about the art form and its history in between exciting performances that demonstrate a variety of styles.

We engage the students in rhythmic clapping and vocal exercises that synchronize with our drumming.

We can bring a teacher or principal on stage in a traditional taiko costume and teach them in front of the students. Fushu Daiko performances are great for multi-culture days, music days, pep rally, and field days.

Taiko Team-Building Workshops

Bring your team together for taiko drumming workshops that will improve their communication and listening skills, enliven their vitality, and strengthen their bonds all while learning about taiko. 

Sporting Events

Bringing Fushu Daiko to your sporting event lends power, drama, ritual, and resounding rhythm to your opening ceremonies or your closing events.

Fushu Daiko has performed opening ceremonies for the Miami Heat NBA team, the Ericsson Open Grand Slam tennis tournament, the Miami Marathon, and many important martial arts competitions. 

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