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What is Taiko?

What is Taiko?

Originally from Japan, taiko drumming has become popular globally.  Groups have wowed audiences the world over with their visually arresting performances, earth-rumbling bass, pure percussive volume, dynamics, and rhythm. The unmistakable taiko sound has also gained acceptance in many musical genres far removed from traditional Japanese music. Taiko drumming is known for its grand drums, dynamically choreographed movements, and powerful driving rhythms.

Ensemble Taiko drumming is an art form built upon the importance of Japanese Taiko drums in folklife, which has more than 2,600 years of tradition. Primarily used in Buddhist and Shinto holy shrines, then in battlefields, and in modern times mostly in festival settings. Taiko has evolved in both Japan and in the U.S. to a new level of entertainment and community engagement.

Taiko is a discipline of body, strength, power, and stamina. 

Taiko is a discipline of mind, self-control, and spirit. 

Taiko is musical skills, physical expression, rhythm. 

Taiko is communication, manners, harmony, language, and unity of spirit.