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Florida’s Big Drum!

Our Story

Since our beginning in 1990, Fushu Daiko has practiced joyously on a quest for dynamic wholehearted taiko drumming, understanding, and appreciation in the way of taiko, Japanese culture, and all of life.

Fushu Daiko is made up of many nationalities and backgrounds, yet we have been drawn together by the taiko.  Through its vibrations, Fushu Daiko wishes to create a sense of connection in the hearts of those who feel the taiko’s beat.

An arrangement of various green tropical leaves

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Our performance brings impact and distinction to any gathering.  Based in South Florida, we are available for performances of all scales.

Festivals / Corporate Events / Private Parties / Weddings / School Outreach / Concerts / Educational Workshops / Team building Workshops / Sporting Events / Creative Collaborations / Grand Openings

What is Taiko?

The unmistakable taiko sound has gained acceptance in many musical genres far removed from traditional Japanese music. Taiko drumming is known for its grand drums, dynamically choreographed movements, and powerful driving rhythms.



If you’ve ever been moved by our performance, please help us to continue our mission. 

Did you know that we are 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization that collects donations?  We rely on your support.  Please donate.


Fushu Daiko Performs Synergy

Fushu Daiko Performs Synergy


“Ben Miller and Jeff Hollen of Fushu Daiko thwacked out rhythmic drum pulses with tremendous vehemence, even clicking castanets, in a work in which Kaufman, with amazingly innovative imagination, has bridged a gap between polar extremes of culture. Stunning.”

James Roos, Miami Herald

“When members of the Fushu Daiko performance troupe take the stage, they bang their instruments with the force of their entire bodies, using a combination of martial arts, dance, and taiko drumming.”

Deirdra Funcheon, New Times Palm Beach

“As rhythmic pulsing reverberates throughout the Arena, this spirited bunch marches to the beat of their own drums!”

The Heat Experience Magazine, NBA

“They added dancers and fused other elements, like movement, while still keeping a formal concert format. It’s all about being in harmony with the elements....It’s a wonderful sensation”

Tal Abbady, Sun-Sentinental

“Bam!!! The first strike smacks your ears. The sound rises up through your chest, pounds in your lungs. Rat-a-ta-tat. Thud . Thud. Thud. It’s terrific!!”

Sonja Isger, The Palm Beach Post

“Fushu Daiko have clearly succeeded in increasing the interest of Floridians about Japan, and your contributions have been instrumental in building greater understanding and strengthening the bonds that bridge both our peoples.”

Hideaki Asahi, Consul General of Japan

“They are called Fushu Daiko and they beat their drums in perfect unision, pounding and rattling a fierce rhythm that became almost mesmerizing.”

Claire Booth, Delray Beach Times


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