Fushu Daiko Fushu Daiko combines taiko drums & rhythms of Japan with styles such as jazz and rhythm & blues to create an exciting, powerful cross-cultural experience

Fushu Daiko • Japanese Taiko Drumming

Since our beginning in 1990, Fushu Daiko has practiced joyously in the pursuit of ever increasing mastery of taiko drumming, understanding, and appreciation in the way of taiko, Japanese culture, and all of life.

Fushu Daiko is made up of many nationalities and backgrounds, yet we have been drawn together by the taiko. Through its sound, Fushu Daiko wishes to create a sense of connection in the hearts of those who hear the taiko's beat.

Our performance lends power and impact to any gathering. Based in South Florida we are available for performances of all scales.

  • Concerts
  • Soundtracks
  • Corporate Events
  • School Outreach
  • Educational Workshops
  • Private Parties & Weddings
  • Sporting Events
  • Festivals
  • Collaborations
  • Taiko Drum Lessons

Schedule a Performance

Schedule a Performance

Fushu Daiko has developed several shows for different settings, based on client requirements and venue requirements.

Contact us to schedule a performance for an upcoming festival, concert, private event, or more!

Palm Beach Post Review

"They are called Fushu Daiko and they beat their drums in perfect unison, pounding and rattling a fierce rhythm that became almost mesmerizing. Exploding through the muggy air, the sound was loud enough to wake the dead - which was the point!!!"

- The Palm Beach Post

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